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MAINTENANCE: woollens usually advised to clean chemically, rather than wash it.

  • The wool can be washed only at low temperatures.
  • Garments should be washed with care, avoid strong rubbing. Not advisable to be soaked in water or long-term storage.
  • Do not drill the product or dry suspended. Washed product are advised to roll up a towel and thus drained. Dried horizontally because wet wool weight can be up to three times and cause the product to lose shape.
  • Woolen products can not be dried in the sun, as the fabric may fade and turn yellow.


MAINTENANCE: Linen undemanding temperatures, various maintenance, because the choice of the washing temperature should pay attention to the color intensity and other fibers in the product. For the first time, it is recommended to wash in a cool 30 ° C water separately from other laundry detergent use, which does not contain bleaching components. Not recommended for linen products, dried in the sun. Attention, linen tends to shrink as much as, depending on the product material composition, structure, used in the yarn, the product after the first washing recovers from 4% to 7%.


MAINTENANCE: Bamboo fiber products require special, but low maintenance. Bamboo fiber products should be washed at 40 degrees above the water temperature, not dry the highest speed washing machines, washing bamboo fiber products do not use bleach and fabric softeners.


MAINTENANCE: Cotton easily washable, easy to remove dirt and stains. This fiber is resistant to high temperature ironing. Cotton products are advised to wash up to 60 ° C, and to compare the temperature of at least 150 ° C. As the cotton fiber sufficiently resistant to temperature, it is the choice of washing or ironing temperature should be taken to other fibers in the product.


MAINTENANCE: In the water viscose fiber increases as much as four times more than cotton. It also has the ability to stretch fiber. Products made from viscose are advised to clean chemically because regular washing weakens fibers. When washing in the washing machine, choose carefully washing program. If washing clothes by hand, do not soak for long, and no drilling - just „squeeze“ the water out. Since the products of the viscose is wrinkly, then after drying it is necessary to equalize the product to regain its original look.


MAINTENANCE: Articles containing polyamide advised to wash at 40 ° C. Do not use bleach. Do not wash in hot water using chemical means, as polyamide fibers shrink. It is advisable to compare from 110 ° C to 130 ° C pre-heated iron and this should be done quickly and carefully, because the fabric can begin to shine. It is recommended to use antistatic tools.


MAINTENANCE: You can hand wash or machine wash at 40 ° C. Avoid strong drilling. Rinsing, use special tools. Products are hanging to dry. Iron in low temperature.


MAINTENANCE: Maintenance depends on what the acrylic fibers are mixed. Always follow the care labels of the hints. Recommended to iron in 150 ° C.


MAINTENANCE: When exposed to sweat spandex loses its elasticity, so dirty clothing is not advisable to keep long unwashed. Sweat, salt water, chlorine and sunlight adversely affects spandex - it begins to disintegrate. The washing temperature is dependent on the kind of fiber. Ironing temperature must be low, because spandex is not heat resistant. Drying products with elastane to avoid direct sunlight.

Woolen and half-woolen socks maintenance

Automatic wash in cool water (up to 30 ° C).

A simple wash 30 ° C.

Use washing powder for delicate fabrics or wool. Wash with similar color clothing.

Comparison of low temperature (up to 110.).

Standard cleaning (excluding solvents trichloride).

Do not bleach.

Careful mechanical drying at low temperature.

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